Publir’s subscription tool helps build sustainable support from readers who love your brand and content. Our smart paywall lets you determine business rules, messaging and pricing that guide a customer’s journey from a casual reader to a loyal subscriber. Our robust reporting tools help you understand your readers and devise content strategies that retain and grow your subscriber base. Offer an ad-free, premium experience to users and diversify your revenue streams, or simply gather Zero-party data from customers in exchange for free content.

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Why should you use this product?

From authenticating user emails to managing credit card payments and updating expired credit cards, our tool automates all critical features of a subscription management service. In addition, our platform continually incorporates insights from successful subscriptions offerings, ensuring high growth and low churn. Leading automation tools and best-practices means you can offer a robust, turnkey option to engage users and collect recurring revenue.

Easy integration via a single line of JavaScript code or - better yet - our WordPress Plugin
Simple registration and subscription management tools ensures an easy experience for readers
Automated handling of chargebacks and credit card expiry

Why Choose Publir?

Publir’s subscription tool is used by dozens of publications and has a proven track-record of driving growth and reducing churn. We also leverage our ad industry expertise to guide clients on best pricing and Zero-party data strategies to optimize revenue.
  • White label offering that lets your brand shine

  • AI-enabled fraud-protection through best-of-breed partners

  • Exceptional hands-on support & customer service

Digital Monetization Update

Publir’s Weekly Newsletter captures the dynamics of the online monetization market. We summarize the major technology breakthroughs, market trends, mergers, acquisitions, and regulatory changes that could impact your business.