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Publishers across the globe are losing billions of dollars in revenue every year due to ad blockers. It doesn’t need to be this way. Publir’s AdBlock Recovery tool allows you to measure the portion of users that have ad blockers installed, and, if desired, gently nudge these users to whitelist your site - or sign-up for ad-free Subscriptions. The result is up to a 75% success rate in recovering lost revenue from loyal users.

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Why should you use this product?

Publir’s AdBlock Recovery tool uses AI-enabled smart rules to decide the nature and frequency of messages shown to AdBlock users. For instance, we may not choose to disrupt user experience for a first-time AdBlock user coming from a social media link or a Google search, increasing the likelihood the user will come back. But if a user visits the site 3 or 4 times a day, we may ask them to whitelist the site, as they are obviously getting value from your content.

Get detailed reports on device and location of AdBlock users
Customize whitelist appeal and frequency with which it shows up
Track the effectiveness of recovery messages

Why Choose Publir?

Built by veterans than 10+ years of experience in the publishing space, Publir has monetized 100 billion+ impressions and generated nearly $100 million to clients since inception.
  • A decade+ of programmatic advertising experience

  • Strong understanding of tools and technologies in the AdBlock space

  • Exceptional hands-on support & customer service

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